What Kind of Turtle Food is Bad for Your Pet?

When it comes to your turtle care then you can never be to careful. If you take good care of your turtle then she will live for many years under your happy eyes. i think that the most important problem in the turtle care process is the turtle feeding. You must be very careful what you feed you turtle because there are turtle foods that can harm them very bad. you should always consult speciality books referring straight to you kind of turtle.

When a man will search some information on turtle feeding he will probably find a lot of lists with food that you can give to your turtle. But if there aren't specified some important details then one could think that an aliment that is much alike one that is recommended is good for the turtle to. This is a big mistake. There are many differences starting from the way the food is served(cooked) to what substances it contains. So, for making your turtle care easier ,i will try to present in this article some turtle foods that you should never feed.

Forbidden foods

There are also some food that you can feed to your turtle but rearely.

The best way for you and you turtle is to find an exact food mix that will provide the pet the resources she need without harming them. If you won't feed the foods i have listed than you shouldn't have any turtle care problems when it comes to feeding.