Turtle Care - Turtle Vitamins and Light


Ok, let's make it simple. The perfect situation for your pet would be that you feed it the exact mix of food to create a perfect diet, so that your turtle will not need any other vitamins supliments. But, let's be honest and admit the fact that it's very hard to achieve this performance. So some turtle vitamins are needed from time to time. The vitamins dosage should be given once or two times per week.

This is a list of vitamins that you should administrate to your turtle pets:

So, you see that there are methods that will help you to give the exact supplements your turtle needs to be healthy. But you always have to be careful not to feed more vitamins than it's recommended.


Turtles ae outdoor animals. So you have to them some natural sunlight every day. First of all this is important because, like i said before the D3 vitamin is synthesized through unfiltered sunlight. If the place where you keep you turtle is outside with sunny and shady areas then you won't have any problems. But if your turtle stays indoor all the time then you should have an UV light. Spectrum lights are the best choice. But be careful because there are many brands of light bulbs that claim that their products are good and are full-spectrum. So try to find the best ones. They can be very expensive and you should change them once an year, but it's vital for an indoor turtle's health.

But I repeat that the best thing for your turtle is the natural sunlight. It can't be so hard for you to take your turtle outside from time to time. This is very good for them. But always keep an eye on the pet when you are out side because you can easily loose it. They can hide very well in the surroundings.

Anyway the on light periods depends on where your turtle comes from